Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Zika could be using ACTH receptors: causing microcephaly and glaucoma!!

congenital glaucoma and steroid ACTH

zika causing glaucoma

Microcephaly and Zika

Flaviviruses could be using melanocortin receptors.  Zika must have chosen the MCR2 receptor as it's main receptor.  MCR2 is also the ACTH receptor. ACTH is the first hormone used by the babies brain to grow.

melatonin protecting against flavivirus infection through competition with the receptors?

Zika and melanocortin receptors

ACTH receptors are on the placenta which is how this virus crosses better than the others and ACTH is the critical baby's brain growth hormone.

Calcium and ACTH

Pituitary cushing disease which has the characteristic of high ACTH from a tumor  has calcium deposits...which makes you wonder what the displaced ACTH is doing if the virus uses the ACTH receptor.  This could explain the calcium deposits in the brains of babies with Zika.

Autoimmune cross-targeting hypothesis

The layering of 2 different infections on one target triggering autoimmune disease.  A viral infection marking the inside of the target then a bacterial, or fungal, or mycobacteria infection marking the outside.

Zika + campylobacteria/sutterella at the peripheral nerves = guillian barre
Zika + staph at the CNS = acute flaccid paralysis
Zika + strep at the brain = encephalitis
Zika + mycobacteria at the substantia nigra = parkinson's
Zika + spirochetes like H.pylori at the bone marrow = Idopathic thrombocytopenic purpura 

There are blog posts for these containing reference links.


Rous' hypothesis requires a virus and a carcinogen together to start cancer.  My co-carcinogenesis takes his further:  Carcinogens inhibit polymerases. (yes we have been told carcinogens cause DNA damage but I think their ability to inhibit polymerases causes most cancer. The cancers have patterns and are not that chaotic)

Alone a carcinogen would inhibit growth until a virus appears opens up the DNA and modifies the cell by binding telomeres, to create virus supplies forever.  The problem is the carcinogen inhibits the viral polymerase better than the human polymerase.  So instead of the virus making what it wants the infected cell is transformed into a cancer cell.

Zika + benzene at the  bone marrow = leukemia

Zika  + PCB at the prostate = prostate cancer???

Cross-targeting triggering Rheumatoid arthritis. Can the HLAs reveal the viruses

Autoimmune cross-targeting hypothesis

The layering of 2 different infections on one target triggering autoimmune disease.  A viral infection marking the inside of the target then a bacterial, or fungal, or mycobacteria infection marking the outside.

Rheumatoid arthritis would be mycoplasmas marking the outside of the tendon then a virus marking the inside.

mycoplasmas and rheumatoid arthritis

mycoplasmas and tendons

Sjogren's would not be mycoplasmas rather candida marking the outside then a virus on the inside.

Sjogren's and candida

HLA are the the T cell mailboxes that show what foreign things are inside the cell which often times is a virus.  Viruses infect different areas of the cell and tend to be grabbed by the same mailbox HLA.

HLA-A nucleus
HLA-B mitochondria
HLA-C endoplasmic reticulum
HLA-DR encapsulated virus in cytosol
HLA-DQ non encapsulated virus in cytosol
HLA-DP antigen presenting cells' HLA

Rheumatoid vasculitis HLA-DR4 flu

Rheumatoid vasculitis after flu vaccine

 rheumatoid and SJ with raynaud's has HLA-dr4

high RF

diabetes and rheumatoid (both can be triggered by the flu)

Flu viruses use dopamine receptors

Tendons and dopamine ?? parkinson's and tendon issues

Rheumatoid with lupus linked HLA-A2 EBV (HLA-A3 CMV)

high RF
ANA anti-nuclear antibody

HLA-All and lupus (HLA-All and CMV)

EBV and lupus

EBV use alpha estrogen receptors and CMV uses estrogen-like receptors.

Tendons and estrogen

Note that other viruses could possibly trigger RA but the HLAs should match up.  Here's a previous blog post where i was looking at retroviruses

CRP C-reactive protein : produced in the liver during inflammation

ANA anti-nuclear antibody

RF is an antibody directed against an antibody

ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate

Is Language impairment and dyslexia connected to HLA-A3 and CMV / EBV ?

HLA and specific language impairment

HLA-A1 short term memory issues
HLA-A3 expressive language ability problems
HLA-B8 and HLA-DQ receptive language issues

handedness and dyslexia

Many babies exposed to CMV have been shown to develop dyslexia

auditory neuropathy in infant after cmv infection

images of viruses infecting the brain

HLA-A3 and Progressive relapsing multiple sclerosis

progressive relapsing multiple sclerosis  expressive language issues

relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and acute aphasia

Progressive relapsing:

Herpes-gamma (epstein barr) herpes-beta ( HHV6 )  HLA-A3

HLA-A3 and MS

ms and epstein barr

MS and HHV6 (herpes-beta)

seasonal MS relapses in italy

seasonal epstein barr

Relapsing remitting

Relapsing-remitting: Herpes-alpha (zoster family)/HSV1   HLA-B

Herpes zoster is a herpes-alpha virus which uses the beta-estrogen receptor. Beta-estrogen receptors cycle to the mitochondria which means that bursts of estrogen could reawaken the virus (mostly women)

this form of MS involves mitochondrial dysfunction

(probably overlaps with alzheimer's)

HSV1 has been linked to spatial learning issues

The 5 types of Psoriasis ( what is known)

1. Plaque psoriasis or psoriasis vulgaris  - Mycobacteria

overlaps with psoriatic arthritis, crohn's, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol

2. Erthrodermic psoriasis - specific mycobacteria tuberculosis

causes reddening, pain, and large skin shedding

3. Guttate Psoriasis - Strep infection (impetigo)

feels like sandpaper

4. Inverse Psoriasis - candida

diaper rash, sweat zones, very red and raw in creases

5. Pustular psoriasis or impetigo herpetiformis - staph. aureus

pus filled bumps (white blood cells)  of childhood or pregnancy which appears to be triggered by staph reacting to hormone fluxes, aspirin derivatives, and psoriasis medication

associated with eczema or atopic dermatitis (constant staph infections?)

note that staph has been shown to be sensitive to aspirin 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Viruses, Benzene rings, and disulfide bridges

Having paired up viruses and receptors one can then divide them into two groups.  The benzene negative group and the nitrogen positive group.

The negative group 

HPV - cannabinoid receptors
Flaviviruses - melanocortin receptors
Flu - dopamine receptors
Herpes viruses - estrogen receptors

The benzene ring recognizes the estrogen receptor.

The Vitamin D does not have a ring but the Aflatoxin which uses vit D receptors does have a benzene ring in the middle of the molecule where vit D has 2 double bonds.  Polyomaviruses use the vit D receptor.

The positive group

Now the enteroviruses, paramyxoviruses, and rhinoviruses do not have benzene rings but have instead a positively charged nitrogen typically on a conserved lysine.

Note that acetylcholine and nicotine have an O-c-c-N pattern. (oxygen- carbon-carbon- nitrogen).  This should be looked for on Paramyxoviruses. (the positively charged Nitrogen is key)

The Acetylcholine receptors and the ICAM-1 (intercellular adhesion molecule) all have conserved disulfide bridges which appear to be serving as the electro-negative draw for the nitrogens.

Enteroviruses - nicotine acetylcholine receptors
Paramyxoviruses- muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
Rhinoviruses- ICAM-1

Charged molecules are drawn to the receptors and the virus must being do this too with a similar amino acid key.

Rhinovirus...conserved lysine in loop involved in binding

charge interactions between ICAM1 and rhinoviruses

ICMA-1 has disulfide bridges

Acetylcholine receptors and disulfide bridges

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Puzzling out the herpes viruses and the estrogen receptors

CMV has an extra coating on capsid in cytosol

CMV and Herpes simplex both cross the plasma membrane by fusion and move across cytoplasm to the nuclear pore

Is it in the cytosol that they bind to estrogen receptors?

Estrogen receptor locations

herpes and estrogen receptors

Heavy metals and estrogen receptors

The beta estrogen receptors move into the mitochondria while the alpha and the estrogen like move into the nucleus.

previous blog post

Alpha-herpes viruses: Herpes simplex 1, herpes simplex 2,  herpes zoster : Estrogen-beta receptors (nerves and uterine tissue)

Beta-herpes viruses: CMV, HHV6, HHV7 :  Estrogen-related receptors (CMV binding confirmed)

Gamma-herpes viruses: EBV, HHV8 : Estrogen-alpha receptors (lymphocytes, breast involved)

CMV compared to herpes
Herpes disrupts the plasma membrane while CMV does not. CMV had dense cytoplasmic bodies where as herpes viruses did not. (CMV binds the estrogen like receptor)

Herpes viruses and glycoproteins???

so do the capsid become imbedded in the plasma membrane first ? then release into the the cytoplasm without the coat? Where it then binds with the estrogen receptors?

HLA-DP2 and viruses like CMV ?

are these viruses with aromatic amino acid coats?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

HPV, Lipids, cannabinoid receptors, and HLAs....contemplations

I had previously hypothesized that HPV was using cannabinoid receptors to enter cells: there are two types of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2.

HPV and HLA-C ?

cervical cancer, HPV, and HLA-C

Which means that lipid binding of the cannabinoid receptor causes it to internalize and go to the endoplasmic recticulum, hence the HLA-C mailbox involvement. (which makes sense because the smooth ER is involved with lipid metabolism)

Cannabinoid receptors and lipids

Malignolipids and the cancers connected to HPV viruses: gastric, colon, uterine, and breast cancer


Does HPV make malignolipids? Is this it's outer coat? Is this what the HPV uses to bind the cannabinoid receptors to enter cells? What exactly are malignolipids?

Note that the major risk HLA for cervical cancer is HLA-dp

HLA-DP is the HLA of antigen presenting cells of the immune system

I have connected HLA-DP3 with lipids.
My bet is that it is specifically HLA-DP3 even though these references does not indicate it.